Still Soft 4-Year Old English Muffins


This picture of 4-year old Thomas’ English muffins (purchased at Giant Foods in 2009) was sent to me by Harold Verret. He writes:

“The Thomas’ English muffins, while being placed in storage, along with several bags of dry kitty food, were covered with a black plastic trash bag by accident. Months later, I discovered them. The shock came upon realizing that bread (by artificial means) could remain in pristine condition after so long a period of time. (We had considered them to be a ‘healthy’ choice). The question then presented itself – How long would it take for the effects of natural decay to appear? Almost 4 years later they are in remarkable shape.”

He added that the muffins were still soft to the touch. This may be because of their high moisture content, which you then would think would result in mold or other decomposition. But thanks to the preservatives calcium propionate and sorbic acid, the microorganisms went elsewhere.




One Response to Still Soft 4-Year Old English Muffins

  • Keith Tucker says:

    Any microorganism is by definition invisible to the naked eye. I can assure you, there are living things all foods “expired” or not and obviously potentially harmful. (Harold didn’t feed them to his dog did he? Or the probably birds?)

    The additive technology is almost as surprising as the natural sterilization of the cooking process. In baked goods; the yeast out competes other microbes to produce carbon dioxide, the steam creates lift for a gluten matrix and it kills many things in a 350 degree oven. They’ve added unfamiliar things to boost shelf life because they’re a business not a bakery. (stranger touch…)

    I don’t advocate excessive or unnecessary additives, but businesses couldn’t feed the world without them. Bread would cost $20.
    It’s like writing without citations, it works but occasionally there’s a need for rational un-opinionated credibility.

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